First and only application to find a couple, without having to give your data, phone or email.

.- Total privacy.

.- Only in your profile appear, your photo, city, age and gender. It is not necessary to register, just download the Google Play App and install it on your phone, we do not ask for your data.

Choose three numbers that you like

What do I put on my profile?

.- A photo of you is required
.- Your name is optional but it is a good idea to put it.

.- Gender: Male or Female

.- Show me: these are the genres of users that you want to see
.- Search distance: By default is the city where you live, you can change the search distance to the one you want.

.- Date of birth: Important or not, you decide

.- You can change the data of your profile whenever you want, the photos must be approved by "Empatia"

How do I communicate with empathy?
From the application do chat with the administrator, from the menu click on Contact and fill in the form

How does Empatia communicate with me?
By chat or by sending a notification.

What can I do from adjustments?

Adjust notifications that we can send to you
Contact the administrator

Migrate the account to another phone


Terms and Conditions

 Is it free forever?


To know with whom you have empathy we propose a small game and depending on the result you can communicate (chat) with people who according to our algorithm have empathy and in case you decide so you can date and get to know each other.

Choose the two colors that you like the most

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